Behind "Perception"

Music is relevant in some form or shape to everybody in everyday life.

Songs are written and recording by artists with specific meanings showing
certain values and thoughts.

No one person is the same hence why we perceive things differently.
One song written by a artist can mean something to them, but be perceived
in a totally different light by another and then different again to another.

One contemporary song written about life can be perceived the same as
a Hardcore song written about life. Regardless of genre we interpret meanings

Story Board 1

Story Board 1

Story Board 2

Story Board 2


To create a sense of harmony and rhythm but at the same time achieve a level of intensity.

To achieve a level on kinesthesia through the movement of dance and drumming.

To achieve synesthesia through the feeling of colour music.


Shot wise i will be focusing on a lot of fast cuts through the drumming sequence. I have focused on alot of distorted and unfosed shots for the drumming as i think this will add to the dream like experience of the drummer visioning the two different pieces.
I will be focusing on a mix of mids and close shots with a few extreme close ups focusing specificly on movement.
For the dance sequence the shots will be alot slower creating a sense of rhythm and harmony.
I will be using jump cuts and match to alternate between the drumming and dancing scenes. I will also use alot of overlapping fades to achieve the sense that there is two experiences going on.
The dancers will be mixed as real life shots and then shots of colour.